May 9, 2014

Gaylord Perry -- Hall of Fame 1991

Acquired: Private Signing 
Promoter: N/A
Signing Date: 4/12/14
Submittal: 50/50
My Request: Sweet spot, blue pen, HOF inscription
Commentary: Once again, the 1991 Hall of Fame class has proved to be very accessible for autographs. In fact, this was my first experience participating in a 50/50. For the unenlightened, a 50/50 is a form of a trade that plays out as follows: 

Step One
Person A sends Person B two items -- in this case the items are baseballs. 

Step Two
Person B keeps one baseball as compensation and returns the other ball to Person A after the ball has been autographed. 

As background, Gaylord Perry appeared last month at the Mickey Mantle Classic in Commerce, Oklahoma. As a guest, Perry did a signing then and there. Prior to the appearance, a reliable member on SCF made the trade arrangements with me. 

In a complicated world, a simple 50/50 is a thing of beauty. Transactions don't get any easier than this. I would welcome the opportunity to do more 50/50s, but I suspect they will be few and far between.

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