March 7, 2014

Ozzie Smith -- Hall of Fame 2002

Acquired: Private Signing
Promoter: Tom Orr
Signing Date: 3/1/14
Submittal: $50 check, ROMLB, SASE
My Request: Sweet spot, blue pen, HOF inscription
Commentary: This Ozzie Smith ball represents my first acquisition through a private signing. Prioritizing a modern Cardinals Hall of Famer might at first blush seem like a strange move for a Cubs fan like myself. But I harbor no ill-will towards Ozzie Smith. Above all -- I had a seven-year hole to fill in my project between 1997 and 2005. Overall, both the '97 inductees and the '05 inductees have signed for me TTM. The Hall of Famers in between, however, have not been as accessible for autographs.